Golden State Warriors Rebuilding Continues

The Golden State Warriors ended the season with a record of 23-43. They hope that they can make some changes in the offseason, and have more success next year.
Golden State traded many of their players over the course of the season, including their leading scorer, Monta Ellis (SG). Ellis averaged 20.4 points for the team before he was traded to the Bucks. David Lee (PF) had the second highest points on the team, averaging 20.1 points per game. With Ellis gone, the Warriors will need Lee to step up his game next season.
The Warriors have a solid young guard in Stephen Curry (PG). Curry averaged 14.7 points per game in his second season in the NBA. Curry was one of the top scorers in college a few years ago, and the Warriors know that he has a ton of potential. Look for Curry to keep improving every season. Nate Robinson (PG) is another explosive player on the Warriors squad. Robinson averaged only 11.2 points per game this year, but he will likely play better next season.
The Warriors have some talent on the squad already. They hope that they can add more this offseason, and win more games next year. Buy Warriors seats for this season!

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