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Denver Nuggets
The Denver Nuggets had and exciting season this year, ending with a record of 38-28 and advancing to the playoffs. The Nuggets hope that they can improve and win more games next season.
The Nuggets ranked 1st in the NBA in points scored, averaging 104.1 points per game. But they also had one of the worst defenses, allowing 101.2 points per game which was 29th in the NBA. They will need to play better defense if they want to win more games. Ty Lawson (PG) led the team in points, averaging 16.4 per game. He will need to keep leading this team in scoring next season. Lawson also led the team in steals, averaging 1.3 per game.
Arron Afflalo (SG) also was productive this season, averaging 15.2 points per game. The Nuggets hope he can continue scoring next year. Young post player Kenneth Faried (F) played solid for the team. The 22-year-old will keep getting better and should be good for the team next year.
The Nuggets will keep scoring points next year, but if they want to win more games, then they will have to play better defense. Look for the Nuggets to improve defensively this offseason.

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